Summer Parking

Parking of any vehicle along the edges of the parking lot, next to Tom Paine Lane or along the South side (the winter parking storage area) will be unavailable and CLOSED from JUNE 1ST through NOVEMBER 1ST for routine summer maintenance.

It is very important that you move your vehicles, trailers and equipment from this area ASAP. Vehicles and trailers will be towed or moved if still in this area after JUNE 1ST.

Please do not park close to the new burn pile so our residents can access it to drop off wood and brush.

There will be no parking allowed between the red dots from June 1st to November 1st. In addition to summer maintenance, having concrete dates will also give everyone an equal chance at securing a winter parking spot.

Parking Map

We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

Winter Parking

  1. No long term trailers can be left in the parking lot. Please try to park in some orderly fashion in order to allow plowing and maximum use of parking space
  2. Long term parking will be allowed only:
    • North side of the Parking lot—please contact a board member (Further back on Tom Payne road)
    • North of the Snow gate on Aspen Mountain Lot—Contact a board member
    • Large trailers are encouraged to park on the west side of the parking lot leaving the east end for cars and vehicles without trailers.
  3. All trailers MUST have information attached to them as to the Owner, Association Lot Number and Contact information.
  4. ALL OTHER TRAILERS MUST BE REMOVED when you are not on the mountain.
  5. ATV’s, Snowmobiles and other recreational transportation equipment must be parked in designated areas. If you know you will not be returning for several weeks please leave equipment on your property make arrangements with Aspen Mountain to use there shed parking area if room available.
  6. The Parking area CANNOT be used for winter storage of personal property
  7. Full Time resident; following heavy snow and/or snow removal/cleanup of the parking area you will be asked to move ALL cars/trucks to the area just outside the main gate so that the parking area can be cleaned more efficiently and completely.
  8. Failure to follow the guidelines that we hope will make it easier for everyone to enjoy mountain, could result in having your vehicle and/or other person property impounded.

Parking Map