3/11 The leak still has not been found. So far the pump is keeping up with the loss so there are no known outages. Be careful though, as it is impossible to know what might be going on under our deep snow pack.

3/1 We have water, but this is a significant leak. Until it comes to the surface and is found we cannot isolate it. The pump is running more often, but so far it is keeping up with the loss. Everyone keep your eyes open for an unexpected void in the snow.


1/11 Reminder. IF YOU DO NOT LIVE ON THE MOUNTAIN do not leave your trailers, ATV, snowmobiles in the meadow for an extended time. There are a number that are currently buried under the snow and are impeding show removal. They are in danger of being hit by the plow! Mountain residents, remember to move your vehicles after a storm for plowing.


2/28 It looks like we have a water line break somewhere on the mountain. Everyone please keep your eyes open.

1/2 The leak has been found. It was a broken pipe in a crawl space.

12/30 The way vehicles are currently parked makes it impossible to safely plow the parking area. The sides without designated trailer parking spaces are for SNOW REMOVAL ONLY. If you cannot find a parking space in the meadow, park in the school buss turn around area outside the main gate this weekend.

12/28 Last night's heavy wet snow brought down a few trees and a lot of branches. Be careful up here.

12/14 Yes, we've gotten snow! Even track vehicles have had problems in some areas.

11/15 The meadow PRV problem is fixed!

5/14 Theft is on the rise everywhere. A significant amount of firewood has been stolen on Moose Hollow. Everyone please keep an eye out for your neighbors. Report any suspicious activity to Summit County Sheriff 435-615-3601

8/24 Be aware lots now also have street numbers, or at least they do according to some businesses. That number may be found on your Summit County tax assessment. That said, not all services will be able to find you without the lot number! The Association is still using lot numbers.

No Rentals!

Just a reminder. Renting or leasing a cabin is prohibited by our CC&R.


Dogs on Aspen Mountain are required to be on leash at all times. Wildlife is abundant here and it is illegal for dogs to pursue or harass protected wildlife. There can be serious consequences for your dog as well as yourself when you fail to control your pets. Please read this information about dogs and wildlife:  Dogs & Wildlife

Summit County Sheriff (435) 615-3601
Animal Control (435) 336-3985






To report criminal activity call 911 or

Summit County Sheriff:

Animal Control: