The Speed Limit is 15 MPH

Our roads are not intendedv to be an off road race track. We need everyone's help in following the posted speed limit. ATV riders, please don't fishtail around the corners, spin donuts, dig wheels into the dirt or crushed asphalt. Remember you, as the property owner, are responsible for the actions of your guests.

We also have a problem with vehicles tearing up the parking area. This may not seem like a big deal, but it is to people who live in the meadow and have to deal with the dust. It is also a big deal when it comes to winter parking and maintenance of the parking area. This goes for children AND adults!

Burn Pile

A burn pile is available every spring in the parking area for lot cleanup. Allowed waste does NOT include LUMBER, construction waste and other non-natural materials. Nails don't burn...they puncture tires. The burn permit is for canyon debris only. Property owners are responsible for transport of waste to the burn pile. The burn pile will be burned as soon as it is safe after work day.

Private Property

During the past year we've had several instances of trespassing on private property by individuals on ski's, snowmobiles and ATV's. Please remember, and share with your visitors, that all property in Aspen Mountain and Aspen Acres is private property with the exception of the primary roads. All skiers and machines are to remain on these roads at all times. Please don't trespass on your neighbor's property.

Please note that Stillman Ranch, to the east of us, is also private property and we've had several instances of people going over the eastern fences to access. Stillman has notified us that they will call Summit County Sheriff and file trespassing charges with those that enter their property.

No Rentals

It has been brought to our attention that there have been several Rental Properties. According to The Association Covenants: Article II: No Commercial trade or business may be conducted on any lot in the Subdivision. This includes rental of property. Also: No real estate signs, for sale signs, or real estate lock boxes may be placed on the gate or fence.

Weber Canyon Transfer Station (Trash)

The recycle bin in the Weber Canyon transfer station area was removed last year due to inappropriate dumping and misuse of the facilities by a minority of users. The misuse was egregious enough that the authorities considered shutting down the entire transfer station, but ultimately agreed to remove only the recycle bin.

Tim Loveday, Summit County Public Works Solid Waste Superintendent, has generously been working to provide and install cameras in the area to help mitigate misuse. Toward that end, Summit County is asking anyone who witnesses dumping of inappropriate materials to please report the date, time and any other useful information by calling or email:

  • Summit County 3-mile landfill: 435-336-5297 or
  • Summit County Solid Waste: 435-336-3970 or
  • Tim Loveday: 801-712-7476

Recycle Notice