Here are the answers to questions we have received following the Annual Notice mailing:

1. Question: Why was a meeting not scheduled for Zoom or another platform.

Answer: Salt Lake County is not allowing meetings at it's facilities. The Board decided the most effective way to communicate and answer questions this year was on a Q&A page on the website.

2. Question: Why are we paying for a cell tower?

Answer: The Association leases a small piece of ground near the water tank to a cellular telephone company for an antenna. The Association receives income from the cell phone company for this lease. The budget shows income from the cell tower, not expenditure.

3. Question: Why is the 2021 cell tower income less than 2020?

Answer: The Association renegotiated the lease in 2020 and as part of the new lease, a $10,500 signing bonus was paid to the Association in 2020. Regular monthly income will be paid to the Association in 2021 but no additional bonus is due.