We have had more than one report regarding theft of gas and vehicle covers over the last month. Please keep a watch out for any suspicious activity around cabins and epically the parking area.


We have a problem with parked, unmoved vehicles. It is important that any parked vehicle be moved occasionally so the lot may be plowed. Parking for storage is only allowed in the trailer spots that were allotted by lottery last summer. Please move these vehicles ASAP. Also, the west area of the lot is reserved for the moved snow. It has to go somewhere! That area is not for parking.

There is also a problem with ATV/snowmobiles parked on the side of the road rather than driveways. This makes it VERY difficult, and occasionally impossible, for the snow cat to groom the roads. Please get those vehicles in your driveways and off of the road.

Everyone please help by following these guides, it will make it better for everyone on the mountain. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Facebook Group (Unofficial)

There has now an unoficial Facebook group, Neighbors of Aspen Mountain, for Aspen Mountain friends and family members.


January 2024 So far two cabins have had broken pipes this winter. Given our current water usage it is possible there are more.

9/30 The new PRV has been installed

9/24 PRV REPAIR Sept 28-29. Water will be off to River Road, Eagle Way and the NE end of Moose Hollow to Canejo. Plan for a 2 day outage.

8/16 New bear sighting by River Road.


Theft is on the rise everywhere. Everyone please keep an eye out for your neighbors. Report any suspicious activity to Summit County Sheriff 435-615-3601

No Rentals!

Just a reminder. Renting or leasing a cabin is prohibited by our CC&R.


Dogs on Aspen Mountain are required to be on leash at all times. Wildlife is abundant here and it is illegal for dogs to pursue or harass protected wildlife. There can be serious consequences for your dog as well as yourself when you fail to control your pets. Please read this information about dogs and wildlife:  Dogs & Wildlife

Summit County Sheriff (435) 615-3601
Animal Control (435) 336-3985






To report criminal activity call 911 or

Summit County Sheriff:

Animal Control: