This is for natural material only. NO LUMBER or CONSTRUCTION WASTE! Also a reminder to NOT dump on your neighbor's property!

No Meadow Parking

Reminder. No parking from June 1 to November 1. Please remove your vehicles/trailers asap.

Second Workday - Sept 23

For those that missed the first workday and are looking for ways to help. We will be working on the roads, culverts, and other miscellaneous tasks to get the area ready for winter. Hopefully this will help avoid the major road repairs we had this spring. Everyone is welcome, but only those who missed the first workday will be eligible for the rebate.

Bears & Bobcats

Bears, bobcats, badgers along with our usual animals have been seen around the association. Keep an eye on your pets and children! These are wild animals.

Facebook Group (Unofficial)

There has now an unoficial Facebook group, Neighbors of Aspen Mountain, for Aspen Mountain friends and family members. It’s purpose is to share fun or informational photos, wildlife videos, neighborhood news updates, ask for or make contractor recommendations, offer home services, list something to sell/give away, etc. Check out the page for more information.


9/1 The water system part was replaced and there are no known problems at this time.

8/16 New bear sighting by River Road.

8/10 There have been no recent sightings of the problem bears, but this could change as we approach fall. Please continue to keep the areas around your cabin free of temptation.

6/27 Creek road is scheduled for repairs this weekend. Please avoide this area due to construction equipment!

5/17CREEK ROAD IS CLOSED TO ALL TRAFFIC DUE TO ROAD DAMAGE! Upper River Road is also in very bad shape due to heavy run off and fallen trees. Please aavoidedthese areas!

5/2 The melt is in full swing, however there are still 2-3 feet of slush/ice on our roads. There are also a number of washouts/deep trenches/voids where the melt is crossing the roads. Use caution!

3/26 For some unknown reason water usage has returned to "normal." It was as if someone had turned something off 3/17. All we can do is keep monitoring the situation. If anyone has any ideas please let us know.


Theft is on the rise everywhere. A significant amount of firewood has been stolen on Moose Hollow. Everyone please keep an eye out for your neighbors. Report any suspicious activity to Summit County Sheriff 435-615-3601

Be aware lots now also have street numbers, or at least they do according to some businesses. That number may be found on your Summit County tax assessment. That said, not all services will be able to find you without the lot number! The Association is still using lot numbers.

No Rentals!

Just a reminder. Renting or leasing a cabin is prohibited by our CC&R.


Dogs on Aspen Mountain are required to be on leash at all times. Wildlife is abundant here and it is illegal for dogs to pursue or harass protected wildlife. There can be serious consequences for your dog as well as yourself when you fail to control your pets. Please read this information about dogs and wildlife:  Dogs & Wildlife

Summit County Sheriff (435) 615-3601
Animal Control (435) 336-3985






To report criminal activity call 911 or

Summit County Sheriff:

Animal Control: