The snow gate is open but many driveways are still snow packed. It is very muddy. Watch for road damage and be careful!

2024 Annual Notice Letter

! No Water !

4/23 We have isolated most of the problem, but there are still a few tests to run in the shop. Repairs will happen as soon as parts are available. I would NOT expect water this weekend, but we will update as soon as we know more.

4/24 Waiting for parts. No ETA yet.


3/15 There have been more reports of theft and people snooping around cabins, looking into windows. Please keep an eye out for any suspicious activity and notify the Summit County Sheriff (911 or 435-615-3601) of any problems.

Facebook Group (Unofficial)

There has now an unoficial Facebook group, Neighbors of Aspen Mountain, for Aspen Mountain friends and family members.


4/22 The contractor will be up tomorrow to assess the problem. There are still a couple feet of water in the tank, but that should run out soon.

4/21 The water problem has been found. It is a failed check valve and possibly damaged pipe in the well. The pump is maxed out. Given our current tank level this means we will run out of water in about 4 days depending on water usage and lot location. This is a guestimate! Time for repair is currently unknown as contractors must be contacted.

4/18 We will be working on the water system Saturday. It is possible water pressure and/or availability could be variable. We really do not know what areas could be affected in advance. This water problem is very serious and has defied all attempts at problem solving so far!

3/5 We have a very bad water leak somewhere on the mountain. We have been looking for it for the past 2 months without success. In the last 2 weeks there has been a significant increase in the water loss. The only option left to us is to start shutting down sections of the association water system to try to find and isolate the problem. We will start with the meadow probably this Friday or Saturday (3/8-9).

Once the problem is isolated it is unlikely further work can be done until spring. This is serious. If we can't find it there is a good chance we will need to shut off the pump and the tank will be drained.

January 2024 So far two cabins have had broken pipes this winter. Given our current water usage it is possible there are more.


Theft is on the rise everywhere. Everyone please keep an eye out for your neighbors. Report any suspicious activity to Summit County Sheriff 435-615-3601

No Rentals!

Just a reminder. Renting or leasing a cabin is prohibited by our CC&R.


Dogs on Aspen Mountain are required to be on leash at all times. Wildlife is abundant here and it is illegal for dogs to pursue or harass protected wildlife. There can be serious consequences for your dog as well as yourself when you fail to control your pets. Please read this information about dogs and wildlife:  Dogs & Wildlife

Summit County Sheriff (435) 615-3601
Animal Control (435) 336-3985






To report criminal activity call 911 or

Summit County Sheriff:

Animal Control: