General Information

Dues 2018- Dues are $475 per lot, due by June 28th. Collection fees will apply after July 31. You may pay at the annual meeting or send it to AspenMountain Property Owners Association, PO Box 382, Oakley, UT 84055. Please write your lot number(s) on your check to ensure funds are properly applied.

Annual Meeting 2019 - The next annual meeting will be Wednesday, May 15th at 7pm in the Salt Lake County Center (21st South and State Street) North Building.

Annual Work Day 2019- June 22nd from 8am to noon. A rebate of $50/lot will be given to those working all morning. Please bring your tools. (Shovels, chain saws, loppers, trailers, etc.) For those who can't make work day, other jobs are available. Just ask a board member. A pot luck lunch will be at the shed at noon.

Gate - Do not leave the main gate unlocked. This is a security issue. Theft and vandalism is increasing. It is everyone's responsibility to keep the gate closed. If your Contractors, Realtors, Friends, or Family are leaving the gate open, you are responsible. If you or someone using your key leave the gate open you will face fines and deactivation of all your keys. Please be on the lookout for any suspicious activity, and report it to the Summit County Sherrif 435-783-7356.

Gate Problems - If you have problems with your gate key, have the cabin owner contact <Lisa Westover.

Gate Keys - Extra gate keys are available. The flat card keys are $5. The Key fobs are $10, but they are currently unavailable. They will be available at the annual meeting or from Lisa Westover.

Burn Pile - A burn pile is available every spring in the parking area for lot cleanup. Allowed waste does NOT include construction waste and other non-natural materials. Nails don't burn...they puncture tires. The burn permit is for canyon debris only. Property owners are responsible for transport of waste to the burn pile. The burn pile will be burned as soon as it is safe after work day.

Parking Area - There is to be long term parking of trailers in the meadow parking area. Trailers left there will be towed and impounded at owners expense. For further information on parking, please follow this link. Parking Information

No Rentals - It has been brought to our attention that there have been several Rental Properties. According to The Association Covenants: Article II: No Commercial trade or business may be conducted on any lot in the Subdivision. This includes rental of property. Also: No real estate signs, for sale signs, or real estate lock boxes may be placed on the gate or fence.

All dogs must abide by the Summit County Leash Law - There have been 2 instances of dog bites from loose dogs. One year a deer was killed by a dog running off leash accompanied by it's owner. It can happen fast! Fish and Game is investigating and fines could be the result. Please help protect our wildlife neighbors.

Bears - Just a reminder. Bird feeders and hummingbird feeders are like doggy treats for bears. They LOVE them. Something to consider come spring. Safety info from the DWR

ATV Safety - A note on ATV safety