Summit County has asked that we not park in the school bus turnaround area north east of the gate.

The burn pile is now gone until next spring.

Remember. We are subject to Summit County's leash laws! All owners must be responsible for their pets!

Summit County Animal Control Regulations


Winter parking is open in the meadow. Aspen Mt. owners may park by the shed after Nov. 1st. Contact Lisa Westover for reservations.

Please do not park at the far West end of the parking area. That area is needed to facilitate snow removal.

Revised meadow parking rules are available here as a PDF.

Winter Parking Guidelines


11/13 Water results are back. Our water has passed all tests and the results have been sent to the state.

11/4 The water link on Canejo has been repaired.

8/2 The Annual Meeting minutes for 2019 are have been posted.

7/19 A cabin window was broken by what appears to be a BB or pellet gun. A police report was filed at the time. Please watch out for your neighbors and report any suspicious activity to the Sheriff at 435-783-4356.

7/14 The roads have been graded. Our roads are steep. Please drive carefully.

7/12 The lightning storm yesterday fried a surge suppressor and a couple circuit boards for the water pump. It has been repaired and the pump in functioning normally.


06/16 A Reminder. We are part of Summit County. All dogs must abide by the Summit County Leash Law. There was a recent dog bite issue on another owner's property. We must make sure this does not happen again!

08/1 The updated Covenants and Bylaws have been officially recorded with Summit County. Copies are available here in PDF form. CC&R & BYLAWS


Key Problems: If you have problems with your gate keys, have the cabin owner contact Lisa Westover.

We are part of Summit County. All dogs must abide by the Summit County Leash Law.


The roads are not intended to be an off road race track. SLOW DOWN AND WATCH FOR WILDLIFE! We need everyone's help in following the posted speed limit. ATV riders, please don't fishtail around the corners, spin donuts, dig wheels into the dirt or crushed asphalt. This includes the parking area. Remember you as the property owner are responsible for the actions of your guests. Thank you for your cooperation.


Remember we live in bear country. Be sure to secure your trash cans and watch out for pets. Also bird feeders and hummingbird feeders are like doggy treats for bears. Safety info from the DWR









To report criminal activity call the Summit County Sheriff.



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