Summit County has asked that we not park in the school bus turnaround area north east of the gate.

The burn pile is now gone until next spring.


The next Annual Meeting will be Wednesday, May 16th at 7pm in the Salt Lake County Center (21st South and State Street) North Building. Workday will be June 23rd.

4/6 CAMPFIRE AND SENICA HAVE WATER! The known water leak was repaired, however there is more work to be done. Pressure may be low.

4/5 The snow gate is open. Side roads, especially in the higher elevations, still have areas of snow and ice pack. Consider your vehicle's abilities before accessing these areas.

4/2 Regarding the Summit County public hearing notice. The change from AG-160 to AG-80 will not affect us.

3/27 Lower Seneca is dry. The upper roads are ice and mud. Side roads are still snow/ice packed. The snow gate remains closed.

3/22 The next board meeting will be March 27th at 7pm at the Whitmore Library (2197 Fort Union Blvd, Salt Lake City)

12/20/ The snow gate is closed.

12/1 Road damage north end of Canejo. There was a water line break at the north end of Canajo. Due to our low snow pack it was repaired, but the road will need more work. There is a road cone marking a possible soft spot. DRIVE CAREFULLY in that area!


6/24 Thanks to all who participated in Workday! Our roads are much cleaner and the food was great. A few more photos are available here. Workday 2017 If you couldn't make it to work day you may complete an assignment by the end of July to also receive the $50 rebate.

06/02 The 2017 Annual Meeting Minutes have been posted. New board members are Brad Allen and Claudia Wilson. The Board would like to thank Gale Peterson and Dwayne Horsley for their servvice.

The next Board Meeting will be June 6, 2017 at 6:30 pm at the Whitmore Library (2197 Fort Union Blvd, Salt Lake City.)

Proposed Covenants 2017

04/12 There is a broken pipe on River Road. I was able to isolate that break so the rest of the association should have least for now. There are still a lot of spots with thick ice on the side roads so it is unknown what might be under there. At the moment we have no estimate on repairs for River Road. More information as it becomes available.

01/05 Regarding the bill from Reliance. Please see the information posted on the Summit County Public Works web page If you wish to let the County Council know your opinion their email address is


Key Problems: If you have problems with your gate keys, have the cabin owner contact Lisa Westover.


Rremember we live in bear country. Be sure to secure your trash cans and watch out for pets. Also bird feeders and hummingbird feeders are like doggy treats for bears. Safety info from the DWR


We are part of Summit County. All dogs must abide by the Summit County Leash Law. If they catch you it is a $100 fine.


SLOW DOWN AND WATCH FOR WILDLIFE! Last summer a fawn was killed on one of our roads, probably by a vehicle. Remember, cabin owners are responsible for their visitors!

The roads are not intended to be an off road race track. We need everyone's help in following the posted speed limit. ATV riders, please don't fishtail around the corners, spin donuts, dig wheels into the dirt or crushed asphalt. This includes the parking area. Remember you as the property owner are responsible for the actions of your guests. Thank you for your cooperation.


It has come to our attention that some of our members are getting on in years, and are no longer able to do labor intensive maintenance around their lots. If you are one of these members we would like to help you out as part of work day. Let a board member know if you would like your name to be placed in a hat for help.









To report criminal activity call the Summit County Sheriff.



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